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Trailerboard Signs

Do you drive agricultural vehicles on the road?

Have you ever been overtaken while indicating right?

Does your vehicle have self cancelling indicators or an alarm to alert you that the indicators are in use?

Then, for just £5 inc VAT, p&p you can help to prevent potential accidents with our NEW ‘BELIEVE MY SIGNALS’ tailboard sign.

  • - Approx size 30cm wide x 21cm high
  • - Easily moved from trailer to sprayer to combine etc.

  • - Magnetic fixing to flat or slightly curved steel
  • Wipe clean plastic

Machinery Developments,
Top Cottage,
Bower Hinton Farm,
TA12 6LH

Email Me   


PLEASE NOTE; At the moment the "Buy now" button only works for one sign at a time, so you will need to use it once for every sign required, or send a cheque to the above address for 5 pounds for each one required. We hope to fix this soon.

New style now available

Please note the re- angled arrows for placing nearer the RH side and larger "MY". please specify "NEW" if you require this design.  


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