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More heat from your Wood Stove or Boiler


Wood burning stoves give more heat if they have more fuel inside.

Wood burning stoves are more effecient if fully loaded

(the heat has to go arround the wood before going up the chimney)

This "build on" kit gives a bright red dot at almost any pre set distance from the end of the chain bar so logs can all be cut to the same length strait from the tree. (Also saves cutting a log just an inch too long to go in).

The lasers are easliy operated by a push switch convienently positioned for the left thumb

Due to the cunning use of "dead" areas the kit does not compromise the use of the saw for any other work

Best way to use

Having made a cut, place the tip of the bar against the side of the log next to the cut, press the button to mark the position of the next cut.

Machinery Developments,
Top Cottage,
Bower Hinton Farm,
TA12 6LH

To purchase aset of Chainsaw Lasers for £48, go to the PayPal website and "send money" to using your credit/debit card or direct from your Paypal account.

Each kit contains all you need to fit including instructions, all conections are made.

The laser turrets are solid state with a jack socket in it's base, so any damaged wiring is fully repairable.

Also note; the photos are of a prototype, various up grades have been made sice, as products are continuously improved.



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