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New at LAMMA 2011 the next generation of the innovative Twin-Set spanners from Machinery Developmentswas awarded a "certificate of merit" for "Best Improvement to an Existing Product".


Successfully launched in 2002, Twin-Set has been developed to provide two sets of spanners for the same number of tools as in one normal set. This has been achieved by instead of having an open end and ring of the same size, each spanner has one size at the open end and the next size up at the ring end, with the next spanner having the sizes reversed.


The latest developments include the use of an enhanced and higher quality steel grade. Made from top quality, drop forged, chrome vanadium steel, Twin-Set spanners have been torque tested and found to be stronger than other higher priced brands. They now come with a ten years guarantee.


Other developments include colour-coding of the spanners in pairs for easy selection and an improved tool roll, which now has easy to read size markings. In addition, the roll is fastened with a strong hook and loop strap for easy rolling and secure storage.  


Twin-Set is aimed particularly at the agricultural market although it is equally usable and beneficial to the industrial, automotive and marine industries. It is ideal for being carried on any machine, which works away from its base. Comprising six pairs of metric spanners and providing 12 sizes, ranging from 24mm down to 8mm, it offers the key benefits of two same size spanners available at one time or enables two people to work on a machine at the same time.  


Says Machinery Developments’ MD and Twin-Set’s inventor, Andrew Palmer, “Following the launch in 2002, we have been delighted with all the positive feedback from farm based customers, confirming the products’ easy and convenient storage in the tractor cab. More particularly, they have appreciated the time saved by having the right tools in the cab for breakdowns and repairs, especially during time critical periods like harvest.”


Twin-Set retails at around £50.00. VAT is not charged.

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For more information contact: Andrew Palmer, Machinery Developments, Tel 07860 939473, Email


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