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Have you ever tried undoing a nut, the bolt runs around and so something from a different set is needed?
Twin-Set spanners have two of each size available, at the same time!
Here's how size A open end has size B ring, and size B open end has size A ring.
To look at it a different way, if you have an ordinary combination spanner in your hand you have a ring and an open end of the same size, but you can only use one of them at any one time as the open end is busy being the handle for the ring end, with Twin-Set spanners another size is used for the handles.
As you can see the "Twins" are colour coded to make it easy to pick them out.
The sizes in this set are metric only. 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,19,22 and 24mm.
Twin-Set spanners are made of top grade Chrome vanadium and are quite thick in the jaws, this makes them very strong and will out perform many other well known brands.

A lot of thought has also been put in to the tool roll, it has the spanner sizes marked on it, alternately in yellow and white for each pair of "twins". Very unusually it has been made so the tops of the spanners are roughly parallel to the top of the tool roll, so folding the tool roll over the top of the spanners and rolling it up will retain ALL  the spanners, and to complete the job there is a strap of double sided hook and loop material which just needs wrapping around once to make a very neat and tough package. This need not even take up space in a tool box as it is made of a very tough material called "Tetron", well capable of being stuffed into any available small gap, behind a seat etc.

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